Registered under the West Bengal Society Registration Act 1961

Federation of Societies for Environmental Protection

Recipient of the most prestigious Government of India, INDIRA PRIYADARSHINI VRIKSHA MITRA (IPVM) AWARD – 2004


Appointed as Regional Resource Agency (RRA) by the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India, New Delhi for NEAC activities in Darjeeling Hills & Siliguri.


Membership to FOSEP is open to everyone of any age. Government and non-government departments, Club, NGOs, educational and other institutions may become member any time of the year. The fees are minimal as compared with the benefits obtained.



  • A FOSEP may derive far more benefits than what his paltry memberships fee may fetch him ordinarily. The benefits are as follows:-
  • A member is eligible for participation in any programme of activities organized by FOSEP.
  • As the FOSEP is a registered organization, any member is open to submit a project proposal in his area of activities and execute the same through FOSEP after the project cost has been sanctioned by the funding organization.
  • A member has all time access to FOSEP library of books, journals and magazines on Environment and Development.
  • A member is eligible for recommendation for any kind for useful training elsewhere.
  • As FOSEP is a forum of free enterprise, its voice is much stronger and far reaching than an individual voice. Any member working through FOSEP is bound to become more successful in life than when left to himself.
  • FOSEP is not just a forum for launching developmental projects, it is also a rendezvous for fusion of innovative thoughts and ideas in our march towards establishing a new socio-economic order by way of thinking globally and acting locally.
  • A member has the right to vote and be voted for any responsible position in the FOSEP depending on his capacity.