Registered under the West Bengal Society Registration Act 1961

Federation of Societies for Environmental Protection

Recipient of the most prestigious Government of India, INDIRA PRIYADARSHINI VRIKSHA MITRA (IPVM) AWARD – 2004


Appointed as Regional Resource Agency (RRA) by the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India, New Delhi for NEAC activities in Darjeeling Hills & Siliguri.

Federation of Societies for Environmental Protection (FOSEP) primarily seeks to address the challenges of biodiversity conservation in the fragile ecosystems of the Darjeeling Hills in the Eastern Himalayas & Kanchandzonga Landscape, home to some of the globally threatened endemic species of plants, animals, insect species & avifauna.

The rapidly growing population demands equally fast economic growth & industrialization which in turn puts an increasing pressure on the limited forest resources. Vulnerable mountain communities depend entirely on the naturally available bio-resources for their sustenance.

Our Vision

FOSEP has a far-fetched vision to fulfill, a vision to construct a mountain environment were there would be no conflict between human ambition and natural processes of evolution of life and eco-systems. There is scope for building up a highly inspiring model environment which would be worth living not only for human beings but which would also foster all forms of life.

Our Mission

The primary mission of FOSEP is to develop on a regular basis an atmosphere among the general people, the stakeholders the policy makers and the implementing agencies that would effectively lead to the protection of the various physical and biological components that constitute the natural environment without which no human survival would be possible.

The second mission is to develop locale specific developmental paradigms that would ensure good health and livelihood security for all the people including the poorest without in the least disturbing the natural environment around. It also involves participation of all the stakeholders concerned for the formulation of above paradigms.

The third mission is to evolve suitable strategies that would ensure good standard of living for all, social and economic justice for all, gender equity, equitable sharing of natural resources and good human environment for sustainable development